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As can be seen in the subtle, expertly crafted details, the stunning architecture of Bergmannstr. 71 was heavily influenced by the distinctive stylistic flare of the German Werkbund – an association of craftsman (designers, artists, and architects) founded in 1907. At the time, these craftsmen were known for their innovative design concepts and keen attention to detail.

From the brilliant white façade to the expertly designed interior, it is easy to see why this property is one of the most desirable pieces of real estate in the area. Newly renovated and equipped with cutting edge technology, this building is truly a work of art. The north side of the property has recently been expanded and seamlessly integrated into the style of the newly renovated interior.

We believe exterior spaces are just as important as interiors – which is why we’ve applied our innovative design approach to transforming what could have been an ordinary courtyard into a beautiful and practical outdoor space. A row of stately sycamore trees and a hedge of hornbeam provide a pleasantly green backdrop for both the property itself and the surrounding area of Marheinekeplatz. It is our hope that this thriving garden, where nature and man can peacefully coexist, becomes a new standard for exterior design. This lush oasis – which is enclosed from three sides – is complete with natural stone steps, a variety of tall ornamental grasses, and newly planted plum tree seeds. The perfect setting to enjoy a break from the office, an afternoon cup of coffee, or perhaps even a good book.

The structure itself, in combination with our innovative garden design concepts, has resulted in a remarkable property with top-quality offices spaces, retail rentals, and luxury apartments. Bergmannstr. 71 is the intersection between luxury, design, and sustainability.

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Das Haus am Marheinekeplatz
Bergmannstr. 71
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