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Bergmannstr. 71 at Marheinekeplatz provides exceptionally bright and spacious office spaces and commercial rentals. The open floor plans allow for the utmost versatility when it comes to furnishing and customizing for a wide range of spatial needs. The house at Marheinekeplatz is the flagship location of several reputable companies, such as:



In 2010, the Kreuzberg Alnatura branch was opened on the corner of Bergmannstr. and Schleiermachstraße. Just under 600 square meters, shoppers will find an extensive assortment of organic and locally sourced products. These ethically farmed and sustainably produced products include an impressive variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. This location is also well stocked with bread and pastries baked fresh daily and a wide variety of dairy, dry products, wines, exotic speciality foods, a gourmet delicatessen, and an impressive selection of about 120 different cheeses from around the world. This upscale natural market is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

More info at www.alnatura.de.


Deutsche Post Filiale

Deutsche Post AG Filiale

In the Postbank branch located at Bergmannstr. 72, you will receive all of the services Postbank and Deutsche Post have to offer including the acceptance of letters and parcels, DHL Express national and International shipping, Postident (Personal identification services), Pension application acceptance, parcel pickup (Postal Branch direct), prepaid mobile phone loading, and ADAC Postbus ticket sales.

The postal services include advice on accounts, retirement provision, financial investment, insurance and construction financing.

Opening hours: Mo. - Fr: 09:00-18:30, Sa: 09:30-13:00

More info at www.deutschepost.de.


steinecke Brotmeisterei

Steinecke - Die Brotmeisterei®

As bread masters, Steinecke commits itself to producing the highest quality handmade bread using their original recipes and the freshest ingredients. With more than 30 unique breads and over 35 speciality rolls, Steinecke offers a variety of baked goods for special occasions and everyday bread that is a necessary part of a balanced diet. Take a look at the production of our bread and get to know the secrets of the bread masters!

More info at www.steinecke.info